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I haven't updated my journal in AWHILE!  Sooo, I got this from the ever faaabulous SkysongMA , whom you should check out.  Her writing is fabulous and really worth the look.  And she does it often!

But yes, on with the Meme!

1. For each of the 10 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

So, true to the word of the two simple rules above, you comment, I will scour through your gallery and pick my favorite of your deviations to post in this journal.  Then you feel free to do it yourself if you'd like. :)  I figure it's a nice way of meeting some new faces or seeing old ones anew, and getting acquainted or re-acquainted with some other galleries.

1. SkysongMA (Her writing is AMAAAZING!)

Mature Content

<--- I remember being so excited for her entries when this OCT was going on!  This started it all!
  b. Hawking RadiationAs he walks into the church, Thomas leaves the main lights off. He should start setting up for the Wednesday service—he's preaching about perseverance, mostly to inspire himself—but he just can't care. The only light comes through the small stained glass windows on the west side of the building. Everything is shadow and mystery, age and polished wood. Even in this cherished place, it's so easy to lose himself in the darkness, so easy to focus on his problems instead of his faith.
Cloth rustles. He isn't alone. Thomas looks toward the front of the church. She... she can't be here. This isn't real. Quietly, he walks down the center aisle, stopping a few feet away to study her. She fought him so bitterly the last time he saw her—why would she come back?
Nicole sits in the front pew with her hands folded in her lap. A neat bun restrains her hair; none escapes and softens her sharp, sharp eyes. On the back of her neck, she has a tattoo of Einstein's equation of energy-mass
<--- I read this piece and was drooling all over it the whole time.  It's just!  Then again, I enjoy the occasional religious themes thrown into something.
  c. Mutual Antagonists by SkysongMA <--- She writes AND she draws, too! :D  I always liked Radimir, and the story behind this picture was especially cute. :3

2. Corbellot
  a. Room on Fire by Corbellot <--- THE POSES!  GAAAAAH!  Proud to have this girl as a roommate!
  b. -be my purinsu- by Corbellot <--- She draws my OC's better than I can!  And her OC's are so fun to interact with! (And it's CUUUUUTE!)
  c. Number 4 by Corbellot <---- One word...Riley.
  d. Patterns by Corbellot <--- Just because I've always liked this picture...








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Blog Update! ( ) New Year brings new features to the blog. This includes weekly book reviews and ASL translations. So check it out and tell me your thoughts. :)

Fianna Update! ( While Tyler is busy washing off, Lucy notices something amiss with the lake.
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Fianna updated! ( Tyler is having some trouble adjusting to the new rules and has some personal questions for Lucy.
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Hey everybody! Both blogs updated today. On Brie The Cheese (, a tale about my favorite holiday adventure thus far! On The Fianna ( we learn a few new things about Helen and Yoel as Helen heads off on her newest mission.
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Well, this is a short update to the blog, that's probably why it's so close to the last update.  Regardless, next update will have entirely new material never found anywhere on the internet (that includes my excerpt that can be found on DA), so please stay tuned!

For now...Today Tyler gives his response to Yoel's offer to join the Fianna, and Yoel gives an ominous report about Helen's upcoming mission.
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This week's entry in "Brie the Cheese" is about little words and how annoying they can be in the editing process of a book.  Check it out ---->…

And, for the readers: The Fianna has updated today.  Lucy, Helen, and their new recruit Tyler now finally get to meet the infamous Yoel Schwartz.…
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First off...I don't have that many watchers, but for those of you who do watch me, I recommend going over right away to MegSyv and not only checking out her AMAZING art, but taking advantage of her discounted commission prices.  She's still trying to recover from a new move and getting a good job in this tricky economy, so she needs as much help as she can get for...well food.  Check out her work out, seriously! It's a win-win, she gets hard earned cash, you get a mind blowing work of art/drawing.  CHECK IT OUT!  NOW!…

On a side note... I have decided to try out an experiment!  Many of you know about blogging, others of you know about books, and how I want to write them.  So, you know that little excerpt in my gallery: "The Fianna: Dumb Blondes"?  Well, I revved it up a bit, and I'm going to try blogging the entire book...posting little excerpts until the entire thing is on the blog.  I'm hoping it'll garner some interest, so if you're interested, please check it out too! ------->

Though please, check out MegSyv first!
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Hey everyone!  I did another blog update, and unfortunately I've fallen off the Nanowrimo bus.  However, here's an idea I just found that might help with finishing a book the rest of the year.  Tell me your thoughts! ----------->…
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Hey!  I updated my blog, not with added visual treats at the bottom, just to mix it up!  So go check it out ------>

Now...apparently this is how you determine your worth in monetary value!

Hair Color
[x] Brown - $100 (o.o  this person likes brunettes!)
[ ] Blondie - $50
[ ] Black - $15
[ ] Bald - $5
[ ] Other-$75

Eye Color:
[ ] Brown - $20
[ ] Green - $75
[ ] Blue $150
[x] Hazel $100
[ ] Other - $15

[ ] Over 7' - $200
[ ] 6'8? to 7' -$175
[ ] 6'0? to 6'7? - $150
[ ] 5'5? to 5'11? - $75
[ ] 5'4? to 5'10? - $85
[x] Under 5'4 - $27 (What???  Descrimination!)

[ ] 50 to 56 -$175
[ ] 46 to 50 - $150
[ ] 41 to 45 - $125
[ ] 31 to 40 -$100
[ ] 26 to 30 - $75
[ ] 21 to 25 - $50
[x] 19 to 20 -$25 (obviously don't like young adults either...)
[ ] 0 to 18 - $100

Birth Order:
[ ] Twins or more than twins - $750
[ ] First Born - $320
[x] Only Child - $250 (IF we're going by births and not blended siblings.)
[ ] Second born - $150
[ ] Middle child - $100
[ ] Last Born - $100
[ ] third born - $550
[ ] fourth born - $300
[ ] fifth born - $400
[ ] sixth born -$215

[ ] I did like twice - $400
[ ] Only Holidays - $250
[ ] Sometimes - $215
[ ] YES - $200
[ ] only weekends - $300
[ ] Every other day - $50
[ ] Once a day - $15
[ ] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$
[x] No - $600 (o.o  I like this person!)

[x] perfect vision $400
[ ] need or have glasses/contacts but don't wear them $200 (...I don't understand why making yourself blind is valuable)
[ ] No correction $100
[ ] Glasses $50
[ ] contacts $25
[ ] Surgical correction -$100

Shoe Size:
[ ] 13+ - $300
[ ] 12 and a half to 13 - $250
[ ] 11 to 12 - $400
[x] 7 to 10 - $500 (heck yeeeeah!)
[ ] Under 7- $450

Favorite Colors:
[x] Green-$750
[ ] Red - $600
[ ] Black - $100
[ ] Yellow -$475
[ ] Brown - $300
[ ] Purple - $225
[ ] White - $400
[ ] Aqua - $350 (isn't this blue?)
[ ] Orange - $300
[x] Blue - $300
[ ] Pink - $100
[ ] Other - $500 (Gold)

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[ ] Yes $0
[x] Nope - $1000
[ ] some- $750

put the title as "i am worth $_____"
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I updated my blog! This month I'm gonna be doing a lot of Nanowrimo-centric posts. This one is on the joys of focused writing sessions! So read it! Comment! Tell your friends! :)…
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  • Drinking: ...also getting to that soon.
I've updated my blog, as the title clearly shows. This week's topic is inspiration and how too much of it can sometimes be as bad as not enough of it. If the topic interests you, go check it out!…
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Here!  As the title probably tells you, it mostly revolves around NaNoWriMo, wanna know what that is?  Click and find out! :D  ----->
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Now, I stole this meme from :iconwazaga: that I have decided to use for two of my OCs: the apparently popular, Finn, and a tough girl character from an older project, Helen.

1).Pick one of your FCs/OCs
2).'Ask' these questions/statements and fill them in as if you were your FC/OC
3).Tag 3 people at the end of the quiz

1.)What's your name?

Lord Finn of the Ivy, and I assume you are at my service, not visa versa.

Helen Harper, aka Miss Helen, NOT Misses.

2.)Do you know why you were named that?
Finn: It's a funny story actually, my father had twenty eight other sons who were all in exile on the surface and for some reason the entirety of the Irish faerie court had it in their minds to start a war with my brothers.  Well, a human hero Finn MacCumhal and his band of warriors were passing through and offered my brothers aid in the war.  A long story short, my brothers defeated their ancestors and my father promised Finn that he would name his next son after him.  I happened to be his next son.

Helen: I don't know.  My mom apparently had a big obsession with Greek mythology and she named me after that chick...the bitchy blonde in that movie Troy that starts everything and runs away with Orlando Bloom?  Yeah, that's who she named me after, she was crazy I tell ya.

3.) Are you single or taken?

Finn: Presently I am very, very single and will be staying that way if I have anything to say about it.  I am a gift to women everywhere, so long as they are adequate they may use me as they please.  (Oh if he only knew...)

Helen: Single and stayin' that way.  Last bastard I dated screwed me over.  Nope, only one for me is my kid.  Anybody tries changin' that, they're gonna get stabbed. Or castrated, depends.

4.) Have any abilities or powers?

Finn: I have plenty, believe me.  I am not only adept at scrying, I also have a top rate glamour and I was tutored in my plant magic by the master of magic himself, my uncle Aengus Og.

Helen: I've been a blacksmith in swords for ten years.  Wish I could make guns, but I do pretty well with scrap metal and my little forge.  Don't think I can't use those things, either.  I was slayin' crap way before I learned how to make weapons.

5.) Stop being a mary-sue.

Finn: Is that supposed to be an insult...?

Helen: Watch your mouth, ya snot nosed little punk...

6.) Uh...if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?

Finn: Yes, I would win because I would be intellectually superior to this individual and he wouldn't lay a finger on me before he was squealing for his mother.

Helen: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.  I live for killin' brutes.

7.) Riiiight... Have any family members?

Finn: I have so many family members they have ceased to be family and are simply the people I live with.  The only direct family I have is my father, Midir the Proud, and my mother Etain.

Helen: I've got one kid, Lucy.  She's my reason for livin', seriously.  

8.) Oh? How about pets?

Finn: I have no need of animal companions.  Though, I suppose you could count my gardens back home and the sprites who inhabit them.  I tend them with just as much care as my fellows do their herds.

Helen: Nah, don't have any room for a dog in a car.  They're too messy, shed a bunch.  Not worth the hassle if I'm doin' nothin' but driving around from place to place.  

9.) Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.

Finn: I dislike swords, though they're a necessary evil...and my father to a large degree.  The man is the epitome of unreasonability.

Helen: Vamps, the Colts, the Red Sox, soccer, Faeries, anything supernatural, sit down restaraunts, communism, Oprah, the list goes on.

10.) Something that you do like?

Finn: I deeply enjoy gardening, women, dancing, storytelling, taking walks, observing humans and their odd ways, spending time with my mother.  I'm perpetually bored so there must be quite a list.

Helen: Fast Food, the Patriots, the Yankees, old cars, my car, my kid, killin' crap, and anythin' American.  That's about it.

11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Finn: Gardening and human watching are the brunt of my hobbies, really.

Helen: Makin' weapons, drivin', cleanin' my car, tunin' up my car, kickin' faerie ass, kickin' vamp ass, sleepin'.  My days are pretty full, I love my job.

12.)Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

Finn: Ah...define hurt?  I know I have been hurt plenty of times...damn training.  Emotionally I've had quite a bit of fun with my recent human companion.  Though she doesn't seem easily hurt yet, just easily annoyed.

Helen: Oh plenty of times.  Wait, we talkin' physically or mentally or emotionally?  Bah, yeah I've probably done all three.  It's a living, not gonna lie, I love doin' it.  Though, alright I guess I don't like emotionally hurtin' Lucy the times we argue.  Y'know how that goes when you get carried away.

13.)Ever...killed anyone before?

Finn: No, not a soul.  Violence isn't my forte.  I'm not adverse to doing it if necessary by any means.

Helen: Yup, plenty of people, well they used to be people.  Either way, they got killed 'cause of me.  And I've killed my share of faeries.  They don't count as people, right?  Okay, we're talkin' people, there was one shoot out where I went off on some cops tryin' to take my that's my only black mark.  Not somethin' I'm happy about, either, but they were takin' my kid.

14.)What kind of animal are you?

Finn: Is this a trick question?  I can be all manner of animals because of my glamour...I personally prefer a green butterfly, but I'm not sure that's what you're referring to.

Helen: ...You one of those hardcore evolution people?  I'm not a monkey, I'm a human, end of story.

15.)Name your worst habits.

Finn: Perhaps I tend to womanize too much, but that is all in good fun, right?

Helen: My opinion or yours?  I could see makin' threats to punk who try touching my car as perfectly reasonable, but Yoel says I'm too aggresive.

16.)Do you look up to anyone at all?

Finn: Before he died, I admired my uncle Aengus.  I almost thought he was my real father for a time with how close him and my mother were...  Besides him, however I have a deep respect for my mother.

Helen: Eh, not really.  I had an uncle who was pretty good with guns once, but he died so I guess that's the closest it got.  You gotta be able to look up to y'self.

17.)Gay, straight, or bi?

Finn: I am most definately attracted to women and I have the extensive track record to prove it.  (It's up for debate sometimes)

Helen: And why're you caring?  I'm asexual, I don't need no men or women or nobody.  Sex is a tool of manipulation by men lookin' to screw you over, literally and figuratively.  (She's straight...)

18.)Do you go to school?

Finn: I finished my lessons years ago...  And most of them I skipped for more pleasurable pursuits.

Helen: School?  Nah, never went.  I got taught everythin' I know by my group.  I can read better than most people I'll have ya know.

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

Finn: I would say not.  Marriage chains you down with responsibilities, potential fidelity if your spouse is jealous, and children are an entirely new chore.  Having a son of my own might be fine, but I want none of the trappings that go along with it.

Helen: I've already got a kid and I've tried the committed relationship thing.  Yeah, not doin' it again.  I'll raise my kid and be done with it.

20.)Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?

Finn: Quite a few I imagine... (Only when he's in compromising positions with certain other males in his universe)

Helen: If I do got any they're gonna meet a swift end if I ever meet 'em.  (thus far she doesn't!)

21.)What are you most afraid of?

Finn: ...You are really asking me this?  I am a high born member of the Sidhe, and a man to boot.  You really think I would tell you if such a thing did exist?  (His father!)

Helen: Eh...probably magical crap.  Give me a vamp, a werewolf, a ghost, anythin' like that anyday.  But a magic usin' faerie is a whoel other ball of wax.  If anythin' got me squeamish it's those things.

22.)What color is your hair?

Finn: A rather pleasant shade of platinum blonde with just the right amount of gold.

Helen: Ah, black?  What, you want me to tell ya what it feels like ya sicko?

23.) Eyes?

Finn: A striking shade of cornflower blue.  (He's vain if ya haven't noticed)

Helen:  Where the hell are these questions comin' from?  Look at a God damned picture.

24.) What do you usually wear?

Finn: The usual noble garb of my kind.  A green tunic, a belt, some leggings, boots, and my signet broach, and some ivy in my hair to keep it away from my face.

Helen: I bet you really wanna know...  Lots of black leather: corset, pants, or mini skirt.  Whatever the situation calls for.

25.)What's your religion?

Finn: I am a child of the Goddess Danu?  I really have no opinion or care on this matter, really.

Helen: I wear a cross, I kill monsters for a livin', I wear more leather than a dominatrix, I bet you can guess I don't really got much to say on that matter.  God or no God, I'm fine right here and got some issues to work out with the bastard.

26.)Do you wish this quiz is over?

Finn: Are you reading my thoughts now?

Helen: Eh, it's somethin' to pass the time.

27.) Well, it's still not over.

Finn: How many more questions could you possibly think up?

Helen: Oh fun, more interrogation.

28.) Anyways, where do you live?

Finn: The Irish faerie Otherworld.  Next.

Helen: In my car.  Seriously, pull the top up and it's practically a house.

29.) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)?

Finn: I'm only the highest form of nobility, what else would you expect from my kind?

Helen: I'm homeless by government standards and I could get a welfare check if I believed in it.  You guess.

30.) How many friends do you have?

Finn: Define friends...I have quite a few lovers I utilize.  I don't need anyone else when my mother is so attentive.

Helen: My kid, Yoel...They put up with me, I put up with them.  How many others ya need?

31.) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?

Finn: Nothing, I am absolutely perfect, don't you agree? (He'd probably give himself either more fighting ability or a different father)

Helen: A lot, mostly past stuff.  You wanna know?  Too bad, punk.  Now move on with it. (This stuff revolves around her ex mostly, a lot of stuff does. -_-)

33.) What are your thoughts on pie?

Finn: My thoughts are that I had better be getting some at the conclusion of this interrogation.

Helen: Apple pie is American, but I like all the kinds.  Now hand it over.  You don't have any?  Well, what're you waitin' for go on and cough it up.

34.) Alright. What's your favorite food?

Finn: Hmm, generally a garden salad is what I normally eat, but my favorite food is most definately a slow roasted fowl back home.  Oh I miss the food there...

Helen: Hamburger, hands down.  Put on cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, or even plain, a good burger is the best damn thing on the planet.  Not that veggie burger shit either, nothin' but cow.

35.) Favorite drink?

Finn: Milk by far.  It's delicious.

Helen: Coke.  Screw Pepsi.

36.) What is your favorite place?

Finn: My gardens back home.  I could stay in there for hours, really.  There is no place more peaceful.

Helen: My Birdy, front seat, driving on the open road.  I love that car.  Either that or any seedy motel in Brooklyn.  I miss New York.

37.) Least favorite?

Finn: My father's training ground...or Melissa's apartment.  So much metal.  And so many childhood nightmares on that field.  I do hate that man. (he wants his approval so bad)

Helen: Florida (ironic).  That shit is full of lakes, spooky shit, and the damn heat!  I can't wear anythin' I own without chaffin'!

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?

Finn & Helen: YES!

39.)Well, it's over.

Finn: Thank you!  Now where is my pie?

Helen: Good, now to go kill somethin'...

40.) Now, tag 3 people!

Finn: A certain young lady now must put some of her creations through this hell.  Her picture looks like this :iconnoshakingthrone:.
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This is stolen from :iconnoshakingthrone: (as usual!).  It was very interesting as far as answers go. o.O

Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.

1.) Your name? Brie (full name isn't defined yet...)

1. n. a thick creamy cheese. 2. a girl's name in which the girl MUST be amazing.
1. Would you like some Brie spread on your crackers?

2. Dude, I went out with Brie this weekend. She's amaaaaazing.

2.) Your age? 19

The Canadian drinking age. 2 years better than 21.
"Heck yes I'll have a drink, because I'm 19" (adding 'eh' to the end of this is, of course, optional)

3.) One of your friends? Morgan

She's the most beautiful girl you will ever see. Every feature that she posseses is engraved in your mind from the second you lay eyes on her. Morgan is not limited to just physical features, her personality is equally as beautiful. You wonder how it is that a person this extraordinary can exist, but find yourself just appreciating the fact that she exists, and even better yet, that you know her.
"from head to toe this girl was simply Morgan"

4.) What should you be doing? Revision

Probably what you should be doing right now... Instead you come here to procrastinate.
Hmm I need to revise, hell lets look up revision at urbandictionary to waste some time.

5.) Favorite color(s)? Dark blue

Def 1: its a color def 2: color of sadness Def 3: the best fuckin song ever by Jack's Mannequin

6.) Birthplace? Florida (full definition!)

The godforsaken Sunshine State renowned for weather and beaches. Florida is noteworthy for having no discernible season changes. Well-known for its subpar education system, Florida is home to Florida State University, a party school known for its football team and its acceptance of anyone who has a pulse and can spell his or her own name correctly. The population here is an amalgam of inhabitants from elsewhere; if you wish to find a retired New Yorker, go to any one of Boca Raton's 5,000 retirement communities; if you want to find a Latino/Hispanic/person whose first language is Spanish, turn around. Florida is a geographic anomaly in that the farther north you travel, the more Southern it seems (and sounds like), and the farther south you go, the more it seems like Cuba (as evidenced by the Little Havana area of Miami). Still, Florida, as a whole, is without an easily recognizable dialect. All place names here are either of Spanish (Punta Gorda, Boca Ciega) or Native American (Tallahassee, Econolockhatchee River) origin, or contain the word "orange" in them. Florida decor has inexplicably come to mean "a seafoam green and pink couch with a watercolor pelican painting." Floridians are not known for good taste; also missing are driving skills, especially in the frequent rain, and voting know-how.
-"Florida's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here."
-"Bah! Go back to New York, you snowbird."

7.) Month of your birth? March

Month in which creative, layed-back, dreamy, cool people were born.
She was born in march so she is creative, layed-back, dreamy and cool.

8.) Last person you talked to? Tia (I was rebellious and went with Def.2...because I could!  And she'd already seen it)

A cool smart mouthed girl that always has something smart to say to everything. She's also very talkative and can say things people take offensively but she doesn't always mean to be rude. Either way you can't help but love her.
You: i can't believe i just said that out loud
Tia: neither can i

9.) One of your Nicknames? Brie-b (combined to form brieb)

to brieb someone means to hit someone. it's a way to show someone who's boss!
don't make me brieb you!
don't act to tough, or else...BRIEB!
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Well, I updated the blog yet again, this time on writing in general and the precariousness of using cliffhanger endings.  Yes, it's actually an attempt at a kind of 'lesson' or cautionary article or something!  So yeah, as usual, check it out if you find any interest or have any opinions. :) ---->
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So!  Yeah, I updated my blog like a good little blogg-er,ist,ette, what have you.  It's about my muse and music...and it seems like the muse wants to dig up really old crap to give inspiration lately.  I've been rocking the pre-Moody breakup, seriously.  

Anyways, check it out!  ----->

And yes, Aizen Sosuke watches it.  I kid you not.
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So, lately I've just been perusing and faving on DA because my virus program has been picking up maleware threats...warning to others out there.  Yet I'm still on here, right?  This stubbornness is going to kill me one of these days.

Anyways, SkysongMA I promise I'll get to reading more of Taste of Lies soon.  After the homework load today I'll get another chapter at least!  Promise!  I already read most of the next one but maleware started up and well, panic mode.

As for the blog update, this post is about feedback as it applies to the writing and the interpreting process.  I thought the issue was interesting.  If you do too, check it out! :)  ---->

Still no word yet from that publisher person, but then again, it hasn't even been a week yet!  I'm still excited and checking my email every two seconds!
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So, despite the fact I've posted some written work here on DA, this is mostly for drawing.  However, as some people may already know, I also have writerly ambitions.  I have a blog about said writerly ambitions that is just starting out and is hungry for followers and comments for whoever is interested so (shameless plug time) check it out! -------->…

That aside, things are going awesomely in life right now.  Classes are pretty low key, I shall soon have bonified proof I'm learning Japanese and minorly succeeding at it as my Sensei takes a video of my class doing our personal introductions.  Spoken languages are pretty fun after all.

I admit I haven't drawn anything lately, and/or finished anything for that matter.  So I'll probably get inspired to write more with me and :iconnoshakingthrone: getting into some fun IM RP shenanigans!

I hope everybody is doing well in their lives.  If you'd like, comment with some of your own awesome highlights amid work, school, children, marriage, all of the above, whatever is going on.

P.S. Best news ever is in the blog click it and share in my celebration if you're even mildly curious! :D
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Meme stolen from :iconamelius:!  She did her character Tony from her webcomic Charby the Vampirate (check it out, seriously!…).  Now I shall pick about Finn?  Since people seem to enjoy him best.

Name 9 things about your character.
Tag 8 other characters and put their user icons before them. (this I did not do...though everyone is strongly encouraged to do so!)

1. Finn is 1500-1600 years old, give or take a few decades.  He was born right around the time St. Patrick died!  This makes him the youngest Faerie in the Irish Sidhe court.

2. Finn knows two human languages, Irish Gaelic and English.  He learned them, and what he knows about human culture, from his activities as a kid scrying Ireland through it's development.

3. Finn actually observed human Ireland up to around the sixties until his father took him to court and the young fae discovered sex...

4. Finn lost his virginity at 16 years old to the Faerie Queen Una, and before that he was a mama's boy who was very intimidated by anything remotely female.

5.  When Finn was a little boy, he slept with a stuffed swan his mother made him.  And to this day when Finn sleeps, he will cling to whatever is closest.  So if that happens to be a person, awkward situations ensue in the morning.

6.  Finn is actually half human, but is considered a full Sidhe by his elders because his mother used to be a faerie before she was reborn as a human.  Her human blood, therefore, makes him the shortest Sidhe among the nobles, who are naturally very tall.

7.  Finn's favorite hobby is gardening and he considers himself an artist with soil.  In fact, his gardens are almost like his children, as well as the little sprite tribes found in them, to whom he acts as a guardian.

8.  Finn, up to the age of seven, was raised by his mother and his uncle, Aengus, and seriously considers the possibility that his real father was actually Aengus, not Midir, up to this day.

9.  Finn actually has an array of musical gifts, like all fae.  He actually plays the harp on occasion and has a lovely singing voice.  He doesn't enjoy dancing as much, though, because he doesn't want to risk looking clumsy in front of his elders (human blood insecurity there).

This was very fun!  I encourage certain people....*wink wink, nudge nudge* To do this as well! :D
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Yes, for once not from :iconnoshakingthrone: though I'm sure she's gonna take it (in fact I dare her to)!  This was stolen from :iconchibi-esque: actually!  Enjoy.

Greater than 30= Super Uke
21-30 = Uke
20 = Seme-uke
10-19 = Seme
Less than 10 = Super Seme

01-[x] You like to be content in everything.
02-[x] When a person confesses his/her love to you and you don't like him/her, you start feeling very tense and/or you don't know what to say.
03-[/] You enjoy listening to smooth and relaxing music.
04-[x] You are quite hyperactive.
05-[] If you don't like something, you start crying and you don't care if you start talking too loud.
06-[x] You love candies or any type of caramel.
07-[] You like making others blush.
08-[x] You sleep with a doll/teddy bear/pillow in your hand.
09-[x] You're usually shy with the opposite sex.
10-[x] You like romantic-funny anime.
11-[x] Between L or Light cosplay, you prefer L.
12-[] You have listened "an café". (lolwut...?)
13-[] You like listening to it.
14-[] You have 1 or 2 songs on your computer of "an café".
15-[x] You are innocent and/or a little clumsy. (I make Bella Swan seem like a ballet dancer sometimes. -_-)
16-[x] You smile at kitties.
17-[] You usually say –kawaii-.(never in my life!  HA!)
18-[x] You like plushies.
19-[] Between light blue and blue, you prefer light blue. (bullshite!  light blue's for baby boys and pansies)
20-[x] You hate Paris Hilton because she is an idiot. (how does this make you uke???  This should be a universal truth!)
21-[x] You have been lost in a shopping center/parking/cinema. (I get easily lost.....>.>  especialy when driving)
22-[] You have called to the mistaken number twice or more. (what does this mean???)
23-[x] You cried with Pocahontas' ending.
24-[x] You have used a very feminine dress or shirt. (well I AM a girl...)
25-[x] You call your pets with cute names. (you would too if you saw my dog!)
26-[] You believe that yaoi is the best. (nevah!)
27-[x] You're easily to trick/convince. (yeeah, uber gullable is this one)
28-[x] Some men scare you. (yeah...they're called creepers/stalkers/whathaveyou!)
29-[] You have seen Pucca and you like it. (wuuut??)
30-[] You have pink/red clothes and they are decorated with flowers. (yeeeah no, fashion crime anyone?  especialy with my skin)
31-[/] Sometimes you start looking at the clouds and you get lost in space. (lost in space, yes, clouds, only sometimes.)
32-[] You've said "Kyao" or something like that before. (again, wuuuut???)
33-[] When a person of your same sex gets angry with you, you're at the defensive.
34-[] You like j-pop. (does DDR count...?)
35-[] You have cried for more than one movie/TV series. (surprisingly if I cry at a movie it has to be REALLY good and sad.)
36-[] You watched gravitation and you felt like Shuichi or you watched strawberry panic and you felt like Nagisa. (avoid gravitation with a 3 million foot pole)
37-[x] You smile with no reason. (doesn't everybody? >.>)
38-[x] You usually are very positive. (It's my nature!)
39-[] When there's a rainbow, you run out to see it. (....NO.  Just no)
40-[] You usually don't understand what your parents say. (I understand what they say perfectly.)

21- I am....barely a full on uke...hmm, interesting.